Q. What is a roll cage?

A roll cage is a protective structure built in or around a car to help prevent the cab collapsing in a roll over incident. For racing the motorsport roll cage will need to be MSUK / MSI compliant or FIA homologated (approved for racing) and for other uses the cage will meet standards set by the manufacturer.

Q. What does MSUK Compliant mean ?

This means that the roll cage was made to comply with all the current MSUK / MSI regulations. These cages are therefore eligible for all MSUK events.
The only difference between an APPROVED and a COMPLIANT cage is that the approved cage does NOT meet the regulations, so those manufacturers need to have their designs approved. Whereas a cage that is COMPLIANT meets the regulations without any concessions. 
MRC items are supplied with a ‘Certificate of Conformity’ upon request.
Q. Where are your roll cages and ROPS made?

We design and build custom roll cage prototypes, one-offs cages and full roll cage production items at our premises in County Down, Northern Ireland.

Q. Which quality standards do you employ?

We have exceptional quality standards. We only use properly sourced and certified steel, qualified welders and abrasive preparation. The quality and strength of our product is our primary concern.

Q. Is my roll cage going to guarantee my safety in the event of a roll over?

MRC installations will help protect you as it has done for many drivers over the years. However, having a roll cage in your car is no guarantee of safety. All participants in motorsport activities should take every measure available to them to help ensure their well-being during the worst possible set of circumstances. In reality danger comes from not just a roll over; if your car hits any solid object your roll cage will help protect your space inside the vehicle.