MX5 NC (Bolt-In)


The LARGEST cage that will fit under the Factory Hard Top.

Main Roll Hoop, Rear Stays, A-pillar bars & Screen Top bar, plus …
Diagonal Brace (A2) | Harness Bar (H1) |
Single door bars (DB2)

… or customise your cage below.
Pictured item features: A2 + H1 + R4 + DB3.
See DIAGRAMS in this product’s gallery for references.


MX5 NC (2005 – 2015)

– Full cage to suit the Mk3 – 3.5
– Available here as a Bolt-in item or as a Weld-in kit.
– Accommodates OE fixed hard top.
– Manufactured from CDS Tubing, in compliance with MSUK, FIA, SCCA regulations


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