MX5-NC (Soft Top & Hardtop)


Main Hoop and Rear Stays, plus …

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MX5 (NC) roll bar:

– Designed to accommodate the folding soft top AND removable hard top (not PRHT)
– Our MX5 items are manufactured to exacting Motorsport standards. For the NC model this becomes a feature that is unique to MRC. For this reason and more, MRC are widely recognised as producing the absolute finest NC rollbars available on the worldwide market.
> For comparison purposes to other brands, before purchasing customers are encouraged to note that the position of the rear stay bars must be within 6″ from the top of the main roll hoop. Also notice that the angle of separation between the hoop and the stays is a minimum of 30 degrees. Whilst main sections (Hoop & Stays) must be at least 45 x 2.5 mm, diagonals and harness bars must be no less than 38 x 2.5mm. If these dimensions are not present on your NC rollbar then the item is NOT made to international motorsport standards.

– This item requires NO welding to install, unless weld-in plates are requested.
– Supplied with all installation hardware.
– See Roll Cage DIAGRAMS in this item’s photo gallery for references.


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